Our Mission

At Contour Eco, we offer merchandise to help you feel engaged with our rescue efforts. We donate a portion of every Contour Eco product sold to our verified rescue organizations, and we organize special giveaways to enhance your involvement and connection through your purchase. By visiting these rescues and verifying their credibility, we establish safe and professional relationships to maximize rescue efforts for their specialized projects. This ensures that your donations are used appropriately and effectively.
Our mission is to educate and inform the public about the critical importance of conserving our planet. We aim to transform underfunded rescues and sanctuaries into well-established, thriving organizations and create employment opportunities within the animal and planet conservation industry. We aspire to elevate this industry to a prominent and respected status globally.
With the support of our partners and the community, Contour Eco strives to become a leading force in global animal and planet conservation by actively collaborating with rescue organizations worldwide with significant animal populations in need. We are committed to creating hundreds of jobs, offering comprehensive services, and alleviating the burden on existing rescue organizations. Our vision is to instill a sense of urgency and responsibility in saving the planet and preserving its health for future generations, honoring those who came before us.
Contour Eco envisions a future where private rescues are integrated into a unified safe haven for all creatures, both terrestrial and aquatic. Together, we can make a significant impact on preserving our planet and its inhabitants.